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For the past few decades, Dubai has made itself strong both economically and politically and is progressing with the speed of light every day. Now people from all around the globe have their eyes on Dubai especially for the job, vacation, etc. and Dubai has become the financial hub of the Middle East region. AQ Outfit is one of UAE’s leading maintenance/fit-out companies with a presence in Dubai is serving the needs of Dubai parallel to the growth of this emirate.

Since Dubai is getting more and more populated with every passing second Foreign tourist have crammed their motels. The city is filled with people and consequently, infrastructure has to be repaired, remodeled, and rebuilt. Surely it is the increase in Dubai’s growth that inspired our team to empower the enhancement of our services to support this emirate.

AQ OUTFIT is ready to serve you for any services such as Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Carpentry, Painting, Electrical, Civil, Gypsum, Display Stand, and Mobile Display Stand. We offer the best services in Dubai and with our extremely qualified and talented teams.

We are committed to providing consistent and high-quality services while striving for improvement with customer feedback and self- evaluation, thereby to a progressive marketplace position. We provide you with the right technician, with the right tools, at the right time.